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Computer Upgrades

Is your computer starting to show its age, yet you are not quite ready to replace it? Often times, a minor upgrade will give you that little boost in performance to meet your needs or delay a larger purchase for a more convenient time. We can help assess your needs and provide fast, friendly service.


RAM (random access memory) is the easiest and most common upgrade. It is also typically the least expensive! And it is easy to determine if it can be expected to make a noticeable change in the performance of your computer. RAM has also become quite inexpensive, allowing everyone to add as much as their system will support. The amount of RAM you have affects how many programs you can have active in memory without having to swap to the hard drive(much slower). If you tend to keep several applications open at the same time and notice your system responding sluggishly, adding RAM can often help.

CD/DVD Burner

Whether your old drive is worn out, or you just want access to the latest formats, both PATA and SATA drives are easy additions to most systems. We can even add a Blu-ray reader or burner to most newer systems!

Hard Drive

A hard drive can be added or the original replaced by a larger, faster unit. This allows you to store more programs, pictures, videos, documents, etc... It is common among end users to confuse RAM and hard drive space. We will assess your needs before any upgrade to be certain we are providing the most appropriate solution for you.

Video Card

The most common reason to upgrade a video card is to meet minimum requirements for a particular application or game. There are many options available and it can be very confusing, but we have a very knowledgable staff who will make certain you will be satisfied with any service we provide.

Motherboard, CPU, and RAM

Sometimes you need a little bit more performance than what RAM or a video card alone can offer. Replacing the motherboard and processor (which almost always requires the RAM be replaced as well) can breathe new life in to an old system. We have proven combos starting at only $200.