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Virus and Spyware Removal

Collectively known as "malware", viruses, spyware, and adware are one of the largest problems we, as computer users, face today. Even with a good virus scanner and careful use of the internet, threats still occasionally get through. But we are here to help. We offer overnight service for a flat rate of 2.5 hours. The reason we handle malware removal in this way is because the time it takes to run a single pass of a software scanner can exceed one hour, and it takes no less than four passes with multiple utilities, as well as some manual manipulation to completely eliminate some infections. Rather than charge our clients to sit around their office all day, we have found this allows us to accomplish more work more efficiently (as the scans do not have to be monitored).

Alternatively, if the system in question has only a few key programs that could easily be reinstalled, we can completely reinstall the operating system for a flat rate of 2 hours. This accomplishes the desired effect of completely eliminating any infection (detected or not) and has the added benefit of freshening the registry (another major source of grief). Included in this service are all Windows and driver updates appropriate for your hardware. We will additionally install a suite of Open Source programs to suppliment Windows functionality in the absence of licenses for commercial applications. This is the same suite of programs which we preinstall on every new system we sell.

To avoid costly procedures, we recommend AVG security products. We are an authorized reseller and you can obtain more information here or by calling or emailing us.