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Web Hosting & Design

Let our experienced web designers develop a site which will give your busienss or organization the exposure you need. Members of our staff have been developing web sites since 1995. Whether you are just looking for a web presence, or need a fully managed enterprise intranet, we have the skills necessary to get the job done right.

Typical Sites and Costs

These are intended as guidelines to give an idea of cost at various levels and in no way indicates the limits of our capabilities! The costs should also be considered minimums. For a quote which considers your individual needs, please call or email us

  • Online Business Card - 1 hour or FREE with Hosting
    This is the most basic web page possible. This can include up to a half page of text and a client-provided business logo

  • Basic Multi-page Site - 3 to 4 hours
    This is suitible for small businesses which to not operate via online sales and who typically have static content. This can include 4 to 6 pages and as many as 10 client-provided images per page. It will also typically include a CSS-based navigation menu.
    Example - OUPizzaNewYork.com

  • Advanced Multi-page Site - 8 to 10 hours
    This is appropriate for businesses with more graphic content and a need for a more eye catching presentation. This could include as many as 12 pages and will also typically include development of custom graphics for use on the site. We can also handle form processing for feedback from your customers.
    Example - LisaFrankHomes.com

  • Full e-Commerce Site - 20 hours or more
    This type of website is for online retailers. This will include a custom template and graphics as well as the ability to manage products, categories, and pricing with or without our assistance.
    Example - SavagelySexy.com (under construction)


Let us handle you web hosting and domain registration. Our Linux-based servers offer high-availability, co-location, and plenty of bandwidth. For only $100 per year, you get ample space for a single domain or sub-domain, as well as virtually unlimited email addresses and a MySQL database. As mentioned above, we will provide a "Business Card" page at no additional cost. (not-so-fine print: In order to offer this service to all our clients, we must decline any requests from entities designed specifically to offer large downloads, or which participate in unsolicited mass mailings, or anything of the like. Additionally, sites which become very popular and exceed our allotted bandwidth will need to be moved to and billed for a private server. We will do everything in our abilities to anticipate such a requirement and advise any clients affected at the earliest indication.)

We handle domain name registration as a "pass through" expense. What this means is what it costs us is what it costs you. Typical .com domains are approximately $10 per year. We will always verify any varying costs before purchasing a domain name on your behalf. Managed domain names will technically be the property of 4 Little Piggies, LLC, however, we will willingly relinquish ownership of any domains acquired on your behalf at any time upon your request, or after expiration due to non-payment or non-renewal.

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